How It Works

Starting with Copilots is fast, simple, and free. Here’s how it works.

Step 1,

You sign up online

We provide a compliant platform that keeps your information safe and secure 

Step 2,

You talk on the phone

We pair you with an expert counselor who is eager to hear your story 

Step 3,

You reflect on your goals

We provide you with a personal journal to help you reflect on your goals and wishes 

Step 4,

You use the tools we provide for self- empowerment

Your counselor will provide you with the tools to use for your transformation and self-empowerment.  They are simple, effective, and with fast results.

Step 5,

You share with your counselor the changes that you notice.

You share with your counselor the positive changes in your life. Your counselor is always available for you, as you meet and overcome the changes you face in your fascinating and wonderful journey called life.

When you finish, you will have created and experienced a rock-solid advanced care plan to provide you with freedom, peace, wisdom, and abundant living.