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David Atashroo, MD

David has always had a passion for fixing broken systems.  As a medical student at the University of Missouri, he noticed that too many of the poor in his community suffered from an inability to access basic medical care.  So he won a grant from the American Association of Medical Colleges, and founded Med-Zou: a 100% free health clinic staffed by volunteer physicians that continues to serve thousands of patients today.  Then as a surgical resident at the University of Kentucky and later as a physician, he cared for hundreds of patients facing the end of life.  Time and again, he sat beside distraught families in sterile waiting rooms guessing at desired wishes for care.   Quickly he realized he could no longer tolerate our broken end of life system that perpetrated so much needless suffering, yet offered so little proactive guidance to help people plan and communicate their goals and wishes.  David took a step away from clinical medicine, diving all in to co-found Copilots in Care as the first technology enabled, comprehensive health care service solution to advanced care planning.

Eric Reuland

Eric is passionate about leaving this world a better place.  Through experiences with his own family members he saw a need to improve communication near the end of life, and has dedicated himself to building a solution.  Eric was trained as a mechanical engineer at MIT and has a talent for solving complex problems by breaking them down into simple processes.  After graduating he led a cross-functional team at Edwards Lifescience through the design and development process culminating in a pilot clinical study.  With a drive to bring ideas to reality and the opportunity to study at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Eric developed the skills to build a scalable, mission driven company with the potential to create lasting value.  While working on an end of life storytelling project he met David and together they founded Copilots in Care.  


Colin Taylor

A graduate of MIT with a degree in Computer Science, Colin is committed to using his experience in data science to improve the care of people battling life-limiting illness.  As CTO of Co-Pilots in Care he is responsible for technical infrastructure of the product. In his experience as a computer science Master's student, at Tuenti, and most recently at he played a crucial role in defining product direction and technical architecture. He has the skills to build and maintain a technical stack including a clean backend/data storage system, user friendly UI, and data analysis. He is also leveraging his previous experience at a healthcare start-up to ensure compliance with privacy, security and HIPAA standards.

Scientific Advisory Board

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Mary Hulme
Social Worker, LCSW, ASW-G, C-SWHC

Mary Hulme, founder of Moonstone Geriatrics, has almost 20 years of experience working in the fields of geriatrics, dementia and healthcare advocacy.  Ms. Hulme grew up in San Francisco, CA and received her Master's in Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley. She received her clinical license in 2004 and went on to earn specialized certifications in gerontology and healthcare. In addition to running her practice, she is the mental health consultant for SteppingStones Adult Day Health Care as well as a geriatric consultant for Tech-enhanced Life.  Ms. Hulme also recently co-wrote an e-book on the latest technology for keeping seniors safely at home and has been speaking at venues throughout the Bay Area to discuss this research project.


Sharon Lucas
Social Worker, LCSW

Sharon Lucas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with thirty-five years’ experience working with patients and families facing chronic illness.  For the past 11 years, she been the lead consultant for Dignity Health developing palliative care programs in all 35 of their hospitals and monitoring quality improvement goals with a particular focus on advance care planning.  She received her BA in Psychology with Distinction from Stanford University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She also holds a Master Degree in Health Research from Lancaster University in the UK. She founded and directed Ahimsa Care Center, an in-patient hospice and sub-acute skilled nursing facility for people with AIDS and Cancer in 1988. As the Supportive Care Coordinator, she helped develop the Palliative Medicine and end of life program at Hoag Hospital which received the American Hospital Associations Circle of Life Award for excellence in End of Life and Palliative Care in 2005.  Sharon founded Compassionate Care Consulting in 2004 and currently serves as its CEO. 

Karen Zeltzer
Social Worker, LCSW, RAS

Karen has been a social worker for over two decades. She is an adjunct professor at California State East Bay and has extensive experience in social work program development and training. Karen completed her BA in Psychology at Trinity College and her MSW at Simmons College. 

On a personal note, Karen is from Boston and moved out to the Bay Area to enjoy the beautiful weather and great outdoors. She has two teenage daughters and a husband who designs medical devices. Collaborating with clients to find their voice and to move towards their goals has been her calling.



David Wang
Emergency Medicine, MD

David is an emergency medicine and palliative care physician passionate about transforming the way Americans imagine, deliver, and receive healthcare at their end of life. David leads palliative care initiatives in emergency medicine with the American College of Emergency Physicians and American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He has been invited to lecture at local, state, and national conferences and has published internationally in academic journals. He sits on the California POLST Physician Leadership Council. Prior to clinical medicine, David was a management consultant at ZS Associates and health policy analyst at the World Health Organization.

David received his AB in Economics from Harvard College and MD from the University of Massachusetts. He completed emergency medicine residency at Stanford University and is pursuing a palliative medicine fellowship at the University of California San Francisco.