Senior Program Manager - Social Work

We’re hiring a Senior Social Work Program Manager who will work directly with the founding executive team.  In this role, you will be responsible for implementing our first three contracts and managing the daily operations with our Copilots (contracted social workers).  We’ll be depending on you to manage daily operations and pre-empt any possible issues before they happen - making sure that our solution is working flawlessly and our customers are delighted.  As the Copilots In Care team member closest to our users, you will be a critical contributor to our product roadmap and as employee #1 of this fast growing health-tech startup, your work will deeply impact the direction we take.  The ideal candidate thrives in an unstructured and fast paced startup environment and has previously held roles in healthcare operations and healthcare social work.

Skills, experiences, and mindset:

  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn and stretch yourself.  
  • Training and experience as a healthcare social worker.
    • Minimum Master of Social Work (MSW) or experience with motivational interviewing and empathetic listening.  Preference for LCSW credential. 
    • At least 1 year of experience as a social worker in a healthcare setting or (i) understanding of the context within which a patient deals with an advanced illness and (ii) ability to effectively communicate with everyone in the care team.  Preference for specific hospice or palliative care experience.
  • Competency and passion to manage teams.
    • Demonstrated leadership within and outside of the workplace.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Comfortable leaning into difficult conversations.
    • Exceptional organization and time management skills, and ability to work autonomously.
  • Experience implementing new healthcare services and/or programs.
    • At least 2 years of experience in a program management or operations role running a new program or pilot.
    • Demonstrated attention to detail.

Benefits and compensation:

  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Benefits
  • Stock options


  • Physical presence in Southern California (LA, Riverside, Orange County). 
  • Willingness to travel as new contracts are set up over the next two years.

How to apply:

  • Send your resume to founders[at]

About Copilots In Care:

Our mission is to help people get the care they want.  To start we’re focusing on probably the most vulnerable subpopulation - those with an advanced illness.  We know that 70% of seniors want to pass away at home but only 30% have that wish honored.  Often these people get stuck in the medical machine and lose control of the care they receive.  Completing an advance care plan (ACP) has been shown to improve quality of life and reduce unwanted interventions by helping people communicate and document their medical goals.  But few ACPs are completed because people with an advanced illness need help approaching the topic, providers don’t have time for an indepth conversation in their busy schedule, and health plans aren’t trusted.  Copilots In Care fits into and solves this problem by (i) working with the health plan to identify potential clients with an advanced illness, then (ii) engaging those clients and facilitating a conversation where they communicate their medical goals and complete an ACP, and finally (iii) communicating these personal insights to the providers so the care plan can be adjusted to meet the client’s medical goals.  We create a win for all of the stakeholders.

We have three contracts with health plans in Southern California (LA, Riverside, Orange County) that will start in two months.  This is a huge milestone, much of which can be attributed to the positive outcomes of our pilot, which we ran with 55 terminal patients, and showed that our solution led to a 51% ACP completion and a Net Promoter Score of 81 (a satisfaction measure - for reference Kaiser’s NPS is 35).

About the culture at Copilots In Care:

  • Teamwork - Together we succeed or together we fail.  We operate from a position of respect and trust for our teammates, which shows when the team is able to be better than the sum of its individual parts
  • Work Ethic - We say what we’ll do and we do what we say.  We hit our goals, look at what we did, and ask, “How can we do this better?”  Then, we use a systematic approach to take action.
  • Client Experience - We strive to exceed client expectations, and continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us - our patients, their support group, our doctors and fellow teammates.
  • Empathic Facilitation - First we seek to understand so we can stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients.  Then we guide them through reflection and communication of their wishes.  We approach difficult situations with empathy and the right intentions - to help clients get the care they want.
  • Accountability - We don’t say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job.” We take responsibility for meeting our commitments — our personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We take ownership of the results.
  • Fulfillment - We have an impact on the lives around us, and it feels great because what we do in our jobs is consistent with our personal goals and our dreams.

How to apply:  

  • Send your resume to founders[at]