Starting with Copilots is fast, simple, and free.

Here's how it works.

You sign up online

We provide a compliant platform that keeps your information safe and secure 

You talk on the phone

We pair you with an expert counselor who is eager to hear your story 

reflect icon.png

You reflect on your goals

We provide you with a personal journal to help you reflect on your goals and wishes 


You meet with your family

Your counselor comes to your home to facilitate an open conversation with your family so everyone's on the same page

You share with your doctor

You share with your physicians the values and choices that matter to you and receive  their help documenting and honoring them


When you finish, you will have created a rock-solid advance care plan.

And with everyone on the same page, you can rest assured that you will receive care that honors your wishes.

Hear what our clients are saying:

“We had a living will but until we started this service that piece of paper didn’t mean anything.  The process made me feel comfortable and prepared.”  -AS


How Copilots In Care helped Sam and his family navigate through end of life care decisions and created an Advance Care Plan.